Structural Repairs

Are your foundations failing?

If you’ve noticed a structural problem at your place (such as cracks, leaks, warping or rising damp), its best to take care of it before it jeopardises the stability, safety and value of the building.

Much like people, the structural integrity of buildings can be compromised as a result of age and unexpected incidents. And often, specialist treatment is required to repair the damage, and restore the integrity of the structure.

Beveridge Constructions is highly experienced in structural repairs, particularly those involving:

  • Foundation failure
  • Flood damage
  • Moisture, leaks and waterproofing problems
  • Deck collapse

We are one of the few building companies in the Newcastle area that has expertise in underpinning.

Underpinning is a precarious process used to strengthen concrete foundations that have become unstable due to soil issues, drainage and tree roots. The process involves extending the foundation depth or breadth to a more stable soil layer or dispersing the load across a greater area.

Drainage is another very important consideration for any building, as poor drainage can destabilise the foundations. Variations in the moisture content of the foundation material can cause instability in the buildings footings. Poor drainage can occur on any type of block, and its important to address signs of drainage problems early.

Beveridge Constructions welcomes the structural repair projects that other builders place in the ‘too hard basket’, in fact, we regularly receive work in this area via engineers and strata managers. So, if you have structural integrity concerns in Lake Macquarie or Newcastle, you can rest assured Beveridge Constructions is the best builder for the job.

If you suspect you need underpinning, drainage or other structural repairs, phone us now on (02) 4958 4315 for a complimentary consultation.