Are you outgrowing your home?

If you have a great home in an idyllic location on the Mid-North Coast, but find yourself needing more room as your family grows, a home extension may be the ideal solution.

A home extension allows you to increase the size and value of your home, without changing your address.

Popular home extensions include…

Room Extensions – A room extension creates space by extending your home outwards. It usually involves removing various walls, in order to expand the home by one or more rooms (perhaps a living area, extra bedrooms and a bathroom).

Second Storey Extensions – If you don’t have enough land around your home to extend outwards, you may be able to build skyward. A second storey extension can dramatically increase the size and value of your home, while giving you the added bonus of views from an upstairs balcony.

Sunrooms – If you are looking for a little extra space to relax or entertain, consider a Sunroom or Conservatory. Designed to take advantage of natural light, a Sunroom is usually an enclosed extension of your house which complements your garden. It can be a very cozy and handy addition to your home.

Retreats or Granny Flats – Retreats and Granny Flats are extensions built on your property, but separate to the main house. A retreat is often built to create an indoor pool or entertainment area, while a Granny Flat is essentially a ‘mini house’ – ideal for teenagers, visitors or permanent, paying tenants (providing an additional income stream in the form of rental revenue).

Second Bathroom – Sick of arguing over who gets the bathroom first? A second bathroom can be essential for growing families, saving time and keeping the peace. If you have an outdoor pool area, an outdoor bathroom is also a smart consideration… say goodbye to wet feet in the house!

Extending your home as an alternative to moving, will mean you:

  • Avoid uprooting your family
  • Avoid the hassles and expenses of moving house
  • Avoid real estate agent fees, by not having to sell your home
  • Avoid paying stamp duty on purchasing a new home
  • Avoid costly changes to your loan, as a result of changing from one property to another
  • Avoid removalist fees and the inconveniences of disconnecting / reconnecting utilities
  • Increase the resale value of your property

Beveridge Constructions are experts in home extensions. Tidy, professional and efficient – we can extend your home with minimal disruption to your daily activities.

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